Living Screen®

With its dual panel system of welded wire, the Living Screen® system forms a rigid structure for climbing plants. Living Screen panels are manufactured to exact size requirements – we make them to fit your needs, not limiting you to a few standard shapes and sizes.

Living Screen® is typically built in widths ranging from 2’ to 5’ and from 2’ to 20’ tall. However, dimensions outside of these ranges are often possible – contact us for more details. A standard panel depth is 3” and the wire mesh is 3” x 3”, 10 Gauge A-82 Galfan (a zinc-aluminium alloy coating). 18 Gauge A-569 is used for continuous vertical flashing.  Full top flashing and bottom angle flashing (which allows drainage and plant access to the bottom of the panel) are optional. Screens may be supplied as unfinished steel, Galfan steel, stainless steel or exterior grade powder coated. Powder coating is the most common finishing solution; TWG offers dozens of standard color options and can color match.

Mesh variations may include larger or smaller square or slotted patterns that create a “no-climb” mesh. Also, any Living Screen® mesh pattern can be combined with perforated metal on the opposite face to create additional privacy, security and design appeal. Contact your TWG representative for more details.

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